Base numbers for my Twitter experiment

Here’s a quick update on my experiment to buy Twitter followers. These are the base numbers:

Twitter followers: 284
Klout score: 57.62
StatusPeople fake follower score: 87% good; 11% inactive; and 2% fake

StatusPeople fake follower score for @AdamJaffrey 2012.08.17 1245

StatusPeople—a company who creates social media management software—built the fake follower analysis tool to analyse a user’s follower quality. It’s quite an interesting tool, however its methodology may be slightly suspect. Users with a large number of followers may get inaccurate results because the tool only samples 500 followers for “fake-ness”.

So, it’s currently Friday, 17 August 2012, at 12:45 PM in Melbourne, Australia (UTC +10 hours) and no new followers have been added to my account … yet.

Let the games begin.

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