The impact of people banding together

An employee at my mum’s work has a sick family member—her husband has cancer. Family illness is a horrible thing for anyone to endure. It creates extra worries, work, responsibilities and obligations. It puts a lot of stress on everyone involved.

So the employees at mum’s work created a great initiative: ease the burden by cooking a meal for that family each week. That way it gives the family of six, one less thing to worry about. Each week, a different person would cook a dinner dish for that family to enjoy.

I think this is fantastic.


It is often through adversity that we band together. We are stronger and more productive in groups. But it should not only be difficult times which force us to cooperate.

As we move towards a more automated and computerised world, we need to remember that people are the single most important resource any business has.

Without people, an organisation has no life.
Without life, an organisation has no future.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to do! I agree this kind of thing would be nice to see when it wasn’t at a time of adversity however it’s nice to see people help you out in times of need.

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