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Test post


This is a test post. It is testing the following:

  1. Automatic generation of custom Bitly shortlinks via the WordPress Plugin: Shortlinks. (Update: success)
  2. Automatic posting to Twitter via the WordPress Plugin: WP to Twitter. (Update: success)
  3. Automatic posting to Facebook via the WordPress Plugin: Facebook. (Update: success)

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The impact of people banding together


An employee at my mum’s work has a sick family member—her husband has cancer. Family illness is a horrible thing for anyone to endure. It creates extra worries, work, responsibilities and obligations. It puts a lot of stress on everyone involved.

So the employees at mum’s work created a great initiative: ease the burden by cooking a meal for that family each week. That way it gives the family of six, one less thing to worry about. Each week, a different person would cook a dinner dish for that family to enjoy.

I think this is fantastic.

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What makes good blog content?


Last week I wrote one of the most popular blog posts I’ve ever written—my post about the future of DVD rentals. It was favoured when measured not only by the statistics, but also by the feedback I received.

What really made me realise people appreciated the post was the number of comments I received about it offline (you know you’ve hit the big leagues when people bring up your blog post in person!). A few examples include:

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My blog ranks higher than a retailer’s website in Google Search


Humour me with a quick experiment: run a Google search for the keywords “yd refund” or “yd refund policy“. If your search results are anything like mine, you’ll see a blog post written by Adam Jaffrey on 8 Jan 2010 in the top few results (it’s called Start your complaints at the top | by Adam Jaffrey).

My blog post ranks higher than Yd’s website in Google Search.

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The future of DVD rentals


Vending machines are the new (or are they the interim?) distribution channel for DVD rentals. Market leader Oovie—which was bought by Hoyts in 2009—and market challenger Video Ezy Express are battling for the business of Aussie movie renters.

But are they fighting the wrong fight?

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