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Results of my Twitter experiment


Ten days ago I began conducting an experiment to test whether I could buy Twitter followers (you can find the base stats for the experiment here).

Well, it worked, and I now have over 60,000 Twitter followers!

The final results.

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Base numbers for my Twitter experiment

StatusPeople fake follower score for @AdamJaffrey 2012.08.17 1245

Here’s a quick update on my experiment to buy Twitter followers. These are the base numbers:

Twitter followers: 284
Klout score: 57.62
StatusPeople fake follower score: 87% good; 11% inactive; and 2% fake

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Buying Twitter followers, the legal and ethical implications


I’m currently running an experiment in which I’m attempting to buy Twitter followers. I’m doing this for two reasons:

  1. to test whether these purported Twitter follower buying services actually work; and
  2. if I am able to successfully buy followers, to test whether these new (read: fake) Twitter followers will impact my real life, in any way.

I received some interesting feedback in the comments of my previous blog post pertaining to this issue. I’d like to elaborate on some of the issues which were highlighted.

Is buying followers a violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service?

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How $15 will make me the most popular marketing student ever

Twitter followers for @AdamJaffrey 2012.08.16 2304

If money can’t buy happiness, what can it buy?

Studies have shown that money can’t buy happiness. But can it buy popularity? Can it buy influence? These are questions I’m attempting to answer in an experiment I’m running.

So … it turns out you can buy Twitter followers. It’s actually pretty easy. Now, there are a lot of “professional” Twitter follower buying services out there, but I’m opting to lash out on the $5 online marketplace, Fiverr. I chose to use Fiverr for a few reasons:

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How to disable comment moderation in WordPress

How to disable comment moderation in WordPress

Follow these steps to disable comment moderation in WordPress.

In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to:
> Settings > Discussion > Before a comment appears

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Delivering value in the Information Age

Customers have changed.

In the past, sales reps would be tasked with “solution selling“—i.e. being adept at discovering customers’ needs and selling them solutions to those problems. In other words, the sales rep would ask the customer questions to diagnose their problem (need diagnosis) and would “sell” them a product that their company produces which provides a solution to the customer’s problem (need fulfilment).

But in recent times, customers require less help from salespeople to find solutions to their problems. This is likely because:

  1. the wealth of information available to customers has multiplied exponentially;
  2. the access to such information has become ubiquitous [in Western nations] (predominantly due to the internet); and
  3. customers have become increasingly dexterous at researching, curating and analysing information.

The result of these developments is that customers are able to self-diagnose problems and research solutions themselves.

Why does this matter?

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