What I learned about Marketing whilst skydiving


But, it was bloody amazing! Freefalling from 14,000 feet is the most incredible thing you can experience.

Here are a couple of photos:

(Here’s some link love to the guys at Skydive Nagambie who ROCK!)

Although, I did have a minorly Marketing/Advertising related thought:

Red Bull should do an advertisement containing someone drinking a can of Red Bull whilst in freefall. It matches their brand image (i.e. “Red Bull gives you wings”, etc.), and would look extraordinary! I envision the can beneath the skydiver (held by them, someone else or shots of a combination of both) and they drink the stream of liquid as the wind catches it & it flies upward into their mouth.

Do it like this (watch what happens when the third guy grabs the bottle towards the end of the video):

NOT like this:

And a note to Red Bull GmbH: I’d like a nice compensation plan for my magnificent ad suggestion. I can be contacted via email.

8 Replies to “What I learned about Marketing whilst skydiving”

  1. @Zac Martin

    Oh yeah… Indeed you do. But wouldn't the strategy have to do with defining & building their brand positioning. That's what I had in mind. Something like I suggested would represent Red Bull's brand in an accurate way.


  2. Actually it doesn't represent Red Bull…. “Red Bull gives you wings” does not equal FALLING from the sky. If you were being shot into the sky, that would be a better match!

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