Another attempt by Facebook to take over YOUR internet

This button appeared at the top of my Facebook home page (News Feed) today:

Yet another attempt by Facebook to take over your internet. With the recent implementation of their Open Graph protocol (those “Like” buttons you’ve been seeing on every website you visit), and continued rumours of geo-tagged statuses & Facebook virtual money/credit tokens; Facebook really are making a strong push to have a presence on the web FAR beyond

Online, it’s Facebook vs Google for the control of your web experience.
Mobile, it’s Apple vs Google for control of your mobile experience.

I’m not quite sure who I’m rooting for, but it’s sure going to be exciting for consumers. After all, in a competitive open market, the consumer always wins!


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  1. Zac Martin says:

    You almost make it sound like a bad thing…

  2. Adam Jaffrey says:

    @Zac Martin

    Well I'm not sure how it's going to turn out. Nobody really does. But it sure is going to be interesting!

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