Coca-Cola gets a GRIP on marketing

Recently in Australia, the Coca-Cola Company has launched its new ‘Contour Grip bottle’ which has already been rolled out across the world. Looking beyond Coca-Cola’s useless claim of being more environmentally friendly by reducing the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in their bottles by 5% compared to the previous design[1] (5% is hardly a commitment to sustainability), I do think that Coca-Cola is onto something here.

There are two reasons why this is a great innovation:

1. The new contour design of the bottle gives the impression that the new bottle contains more liquid.

Sure, consumers are not idiots and realise that it’s still a 600mL bottle as it always has been. However, one of the reasons Coca-Cola gained such a massive market share many years ago was from the visual illusion their contour bottle provided in their original design, released back in 1916[2].

2. I realised that when I used to hold a bottle of Coke, I used to hold it around the neck and/or label. By creating a section to ‘grip’, it essentially forces customers to grip the bottle in that section, and leave the label (i.e. brand advertising) freely unobstructed to the view of onlookers.

I don’t know whether these were two ideas Coca-Cola considered when developing the new design, but well done nonetheless.

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  1. Do you think that the new bottle is more phallic?

    If not, it's definitely an appeal to the inner, neo-bogan.

  2. Adam Jaffrey says:

    @delperro dispatches

    Not quite sure if it's intentionally more phallic (if it even is), but I don't really think that was their intentions behind the redesign.

    I am, however, sceptical that the slightly higher centre of gravity of the new bottle will render it less stable and cause it to topple easier. And a flat or shaken Coke is not favourable to anyone!

    I love the link. Haha! Unfortunate though how I also regularly drink the 'bogan's can': Mother.

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