What makes good blog content?


Last week I wrote one of the most popular blog posts I’ve ever written—my post about the future of DVD rentals. It was favoured when measured not only by the statistics, but also by the feedback I received.

What really made me realise people appreciated the post was the number of comments I received about it offline (you know you’ve hit the big leagues when people bring up your blog post in person!). A few examples include:

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YouTube and copyright, what you didn’t know!

YouTube cares, not just about protecting your copyrighted material; but also about spreading joy through what they’ve coined “progressive rights management“.

Digital rights is more than just protecting copyrighted material; it’s all about the ecosystem of digital sharing.

In a world where piracy is abundant, this is a step forward in opening up content creation and sharing; whilst giving the content creators’ choices about how their content is used.

AMAZING content

The following video is the best TED talk I’ve ever watched. Hell, It’s possibly the best 16:47 minutes of my life I’ve ever invested in a piece of content.

It’s a keynote by Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why. You won’t be disappointed:

You can also listen to an interview with Simon on the Marketing Over Coffee podcast (iTunes link), in the episode titled Special Interview with Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why”. I personally believe the podcast interview covers much more content and delves a little deeper than the TED talk.

So, what’s the most amazing piece of content you’ve ever read/heard/watched? Post it below!