Intriguing SEO from “the Fin”

Try typing “fin” into Google. See what happens?

The top link (non-sponsored, I might add!) leads to the Australian Financial Review website. Some great work on the SEO front by the guys down at the Australian Financial Review: or more colloquially known as “the Fin”.

It’s an interesting keyword to aim for though; as I’m not sure how much traffic you’d be hoping to draw from Google searches of the word “fin”. Still a valiant effort, however, polling top result even above the Wikipedia article explaining the conventional fin.

Also notable: The Australian Financial Review did not poll on the first page of either Bing or Yahoo! searches for the keyword “fin”. Very intriguing!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Intriguing… more like expected. I'm no genius when it comes to marketing ploys, but isn't it obvious AFR are sponsoring/financially supporting google in one way or another? Or were you being sarcastic when you said intriguing? Bit hard to get a feel for the tone of your little spiel.

  2. Adam Jaffrey says:


    The Australian Financial Review do not have a sponsored search result (paid ad) for the keyword “fin”.
    This piece is written honestly without sarcasm.

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